Why Mexico Forwarding?

Selecting A Forwarder

So you’re moving to or from Mexico. It’s time to look for a mover to handle the transportation of your household furnishings and personal effects. You are about to entrust all your possessions to a company about which you know very little. If you chose wisely, you should experience a minimum of stress and inconvenience. If you don’t, you should be prepared for the obvious consequences.

At Mexico Forwarding we use our experience to shop around for rates and recommend the best way to transfer your household goods to or from Mexico. Our affiliate corporations include Jones Moving & Storage which was established in 1922 and has been an agent of Mayflower Transit since 1934 and Groves Moving & Storage – an agent of United Van Lines. By virtue of our location in deep south Texas, we have discovered that by operating under the brokerage authority of domestic van lines and interlining the services of Mexican van lines at the border, we can often save our clients 10% to 25% compared to the cost of ‘thru service’ routing. We are a ‘niche’ business – and proud of it. We only move between points in the US and Mexico. On relocations to Mexico, we only move used furniture and personal effects shipped under a valid Menaje de Casa issued by Mexican Customs. As specialists, we do one thing and we do it well.

The best way to get started is to request an educated guess or GUESSTIMATE. The form at this link will provide us the information we need to determine the nature of your shipment and the services which will be required. We will email you back with a ‘ballpark’ figure. Then, if you are interested, we will have a local estimator visit your home to perform a professional survey. The inventory he will prepare will allow us to fine tune a cost figure for you. Once we have an idea of the volume of your shipment we will shop around for the best rate on origin services, transportation, customs brokerage and destination services. We will explain to you the pros and cons of each type of service and the difference between the ‘cheapest’ methods and the ‘best’.

Be absolutely sure that you limit your shipment to USED household goods and personal effects, NO NEW ITEMS MAY BE SHIPPED ON A MENAJE DE CASA.

There are several ways to ship your furniture. With the exception of loads to or from the Yucatan or Baja California, the most cost effective method is usually to ship your goods by domestic van line to our warehouse in the southernmost part of Texas and then transfer them to a Mexican van line for delivery. Larger shipments (15,000 lbs or more) may cross the border on a dedicated furniture van which is transferred from a US drayman to a Mexican drayman at the border. This saves rehandling and is the preferred method of transit for larger loads. Small shipments (less than 4,000 lbs) may be packed into ‘Lift Vans’ – wooden shipping crates about 7’X7’X4′ in dimension – and handled as freight. Pound for pound, this is normally a more expensive way to ship your goods, but still cheaper than paying for dedicated van service.

We recommend you get formal written proposals from at least two other competing international forwarders and then select the company with whom you feel the most comfortable. Price is an important factor, but it should not be the only consideration. The professionalism of the forwarder, his reputation and his ability to provide quality service and offer satisfactory scheduling are also very important. Always require your forwarding agent to put his pricing and his promises in writing. Be sure he signs it and be sure you read the fine print.