Household Goods

After obtaining your FM Visa, you may be able to import used household goods and personal effects in quantities which would be considered normal for the number of family members in your household. Your permit is called a Menaje de Casa. You MUST import your household goods within six months of obtaining your Visa.

New Items

PROHIBITED. All furniture, electronics and appliances should be in use for more than six months. Undeclared new items may be confiscated and the owner may not get his furniture back until a substantial fine is paid. Additional storage, demurrage and handling charges must be paid by the OWNER.

Electronics and Appliances

Your Menaje inventory must note the make, model and serial number of ALL electronics. You may import a limited quantity of used items commensurate with the size of your household.

Motor Vehicles

The OWNER of the vehicle must cross and obtain a permit for the vehicle at the border. Every time you renew your visa, the permit must also be renewed. This can usually be done by mail.

Motorcycles, Gocarts & Riding mowers

Same as Motor Vehicles


You may import ONE used bicycle for each member of the family.

Firearms & Ammunition

Weapons and ammunition can only be crossed in person by the owner with a permit from the Secretaria de la Defensa Nacional. If they are shipped and discovered, the shipment will be confiscated and the owner is likely to be jailed.

Plants, Fruits & Vegetables


Alcohol & Foods



Health certificates and permits are required. Contact you veterinarian or a professional pet transport company.

Art & Collectibles

Must be moved on a separate inventory approved by the Mexican Consulate.